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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Alterations: Part 3

This is the third and final entry on the little bits I got to do for a friend's wedding.

When I brought the altered dress to the bride-to-be her mother pulled me aside and mentioned there might be another small project or two later.  One of them was the pillow for the ringbearer.

They found a lovely pillow that was the same fabric as the flower girl's dress. How fortuitous! It seems there was a small problem: one pillow, two ring bearers!

pillow form removed, inside of pillow

The bride brought the pillow to me and we discussed how best to divide the pillow. It finally dawned on us that instead of two rectangles or triangles, why not two hearts?!

Really nice pillow form inside

After opening up the pillow and removing the pillow form I strategized on the best way to divide up the design.  Even though the pillow was mostly square, the swirls on the fabric were not completely symmetric.  Apparently I am the only one bothered by this. lol

gratuitous pic because i like how it came out

I divided the pillow first into two triangles and then carefully shaped them into hearts, counting on the swirls in the fabric to maintain the illusion of symmetry.

Then I formed corresponding hearts out of the pieces of the pillow forms, restuffed them, stitched them closed and put them back into the pillows.  I carefully stitched the white swirly heart pillows closed and set them aside, for two more projects lay ahead.

"we used to be so square"

The second project was a new sash for the wedding dress. You may recall that the original was a lovely champagne color.  The bride instead found a beautiful silver in a similar fabric and I whipped up a new sash for her fairly quickly.

But there's always a twist.

I got this nervous call from the bride not terribly long before the wedding. My first thought was, "oh no, something has happened to the dress!" She sounded so anxious. Heck, I remember being a bit of a nervous wreck in the weeks before our wedding trying to get everything done, but I sensed it was more than that.

It turns out there was this *other* dress. It was the dress of her dreams, she said. She was worried I'd be upset if after all of that work with the first dress she wore a different one. Of course not! 


So just a couple of weeks before the wedding I went over to see the new dress.  It was very similar to the first dress, except that it had this ethereal border at the bottom. It was lovely.

It fit like a dream, and the new sash worked perfectly. I was thrilled for her.

I made a couple of quick changes to the bustle for her (ok a huge improvement with minimal fuss) and that was that.

a rare shot of me

I know I normally hide behind the camera but here's a little pic of me working on her dress.  I'm so glad I got to be part of their big day in some little way.

Congrats and lots of <3 to S&D!

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  1. The hem of the second dress is so lovely it leaves me speachless. That said, you are such an amazing friend to have helped her so much.


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