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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding Alterations: Part 1

I don't normally do wedding dress alterations anymore. Honestly, they're a bear and for many brides this is a really stressful part of the wedding planning.  But for friends I made an exception.

One of my friends was instrumental in helping my own wedding day come together, pinning boutonnieres & corsages on various people, making sure my grandparents were all where they needed to be, and providing huge amounts of moral support among other things.  So when I found out her sister was getting married I offered up my services.

As with many brides, her search for a dress included trying on gowns at dress shops.  She found this one she loved and my friend and I began discussing what would go into making such a dress from scratch.

Of course, that was quickly ruled out as the lace is not very easy to acquire and more than a little pricey for the non-wholesale purchaser.  

Instead she was able to get a beautiful second-hand gown. There was only one problem: it was several sizes too big. So we began the process of bringing it back down to a wearable shape and size for her.

So here is the bride-to-be swimming in the dress.  At this point I am pulling the back together so it's not as dramatic but you can see around the bust that the dress is a good 4 sizes too big.

She was very patient as I pulled and tugged and pinned and measured and made notes.  There were some minor changes to be made as well as a few small repairs that needed to be done. Finally we worked a bit on a bustle trying out several styles until we found something that everyone was happy with.

Next time we'll delve into the alterations and see how it turned out.

Hope your week is going well!

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