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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Painting a Paladin: Part 1

For this month's Paint the Target over at Lost Hemisphere (follow the link to see last month's entries, my husband's is the 'jack with the huge grin 6 down from the top) the criteria is that we paint a model that "has the highest of any stat in your faction." That kindof eliminated any of the trolls for me because the high stat Trollbloods that I'm hoping to paint soon are all things that are going to take a little more time. Instead I turned to Menoth, the other faction that we keep around, and this guy: Paladin of the Order of the Wall.

Paladin OoW painted by my husband

Sometimes painting means sacrifice. In this case it meant sacrificing an old paint job. It was an early paint job 6 or 7 years ago with a color that he really liked (Vallejo's Brick Red) that we no longer have. But he is ever generous, so into the dipping pot it went to remove all of his paint and start fresh.
In preparation for painting any new model I start by poking around the interwebz to see what other people have done.  These are two of my favorites:
Wayfarer's Paladin over at Dakkadakka

Gypsy's Paladin over at Cool Mini or Not

With all of the pieces of our Pally stripped of the majority of the old paint, I did a little more cleanup and then laid them out for priming.  And then I waited.

After the hottest, driest summer in this area since before they started taking note of that sort of thing, we had a couple of weeks of rain, rain, and more rain.  Humidity is bad for paint. So my sad little Paladin sat and waited. And waited. And waited.

I was tired of waiting. I turned the A/C up and the dehumidifier on to full blast. After about a day it was gloriously dry inside our small apartment. I took one of the brief moments where it wasn't actually raining to step outside and give them a quick spray and then quickly ducked back inside.

After they dried I flipped them over and repeated the process for the back. And one day later I was able to start finally laying down some color. 

I painted Vilmon earlier this year in a green cape, so I had already broken with the traditional Menoth color scheme of red white black and gold. After much deliberation I decided to go with a blue color scheme. The blue I had intended to use was completely dead (dried out) so I ended up mixing a blue I liked from a lighter blue and a purple. I'm quite happy with the result and it seems to be easily repeatable.

His current state

I'm shading up to a green at the top of the cape. I like where it is going and am throwing together some ideas for freehanding on the cape.  I need to do some shading and highlighting before I start that and I've decided I need to go ahead and mount him to the base so I stop rubbing the paint off with my fingers. I'm trying out some new ideas for the basing, so we'll see if that's a win or a crash-and-burn.

Have a great weekend!

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