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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lagging Week

I know everyone has rough weeks, but for some reason this is mine. The enthusiastic fervor with which I've attacked everything in the last month just feels like it has temporarily evaporated away. I'm sure it has something to do with lack of sleep and thus will be easily remedied. 

And with that I'm pushing forward with the sewing I'd planned. I have two projects in the works right now: some final alterations on a couple of blouses for my grandmother and pulling a pattern from a shirt for my husband.

Recently when my grandmother visited she brought a host of clothes with her that had fit issues.  The quick fixes I was able to take care of while she was here; the rest have had to wait. 

The first one I decided to tackle was the cream and animal-print-plaid shirt above. Besides needing taken in at the bust and armscyes, it's also a tad too long and a little lower cut than what she would prefer. I've actually finished this one already but haven't taken finished pics yet. I'll post before & after shots of both shirts when I get them both completed.

The other one will require a little more work. After fiddling with it for some time we both decided the best option for this one really will be to re-set the sleeves. It's just too wide for her in both the shoulders and the bust and will be much more flattering with a little tweaking.

I've finally bought thread for it (yay labor day sale!) and am ready to start on it, hopefully this weekend. It's a color that I actually didn't have but since it's a color that I have seen her wear often I'm confident it will get plenty of use.

The other sewing project I've been working on is for a new shirt for my husband.  When I pulled a pattern for a new shirt for him last summer it looks like I may have used the wrong shirt. Though he is happy with it, I keep fussing about the fit (yoke too high, a little tight, etc).

So, I'm pulling a pattern this time from his favorite shirt which is nearly worn threadbare but fits better than anything he has.  I've already bought fabric for a couple of short sleeved shirts and am excited about diving into this.

And lastly, because I'm finding it the only thing calming for me today:

Hope your week is going well.

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