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Gallery of Clothing

 last updated June 2012

Modified Simplicity 7236

2011-12 skulls corset

child's dress-up skirt

french-inspired apron

child's apron

pj pants


cowl neck blouse

purple stripe dress

fleece slippers

fleece pants and hoodie

fleece cloche

my wedding gown

my wedding gown

Corset for my wedding gown

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Wedding Shower Dress

sweater mod

silk boxers

mini poodle skirt

Romper 9M

Romper 9M
Coordinating peasant top for my friend

Peasant top for friends' toddler

Stripey Pants 2T

Stripey Pants 2T

Fleece overalls i made for one of my niecephews (chick is a pocket i think? don't remember...)
"Shoes" to go with play "kimono"

"Kimono" for dress-up for oldest niece


Jacket - cotton velvet corduroy

half circle skirt (cotton)
half circle skirt (wool)

Poodle Skirt for a friend's daughter

Kilt buckles

Cotton Kilt
Pleated skirt

"Old Fashioned" skirt
Boatneck Sleeveless Knit top

Boatneck Sleeveless Knit top


Chintz Skirt
Linen Skirt

Short Linen skirt with cotton eyelet lining

Cotton Linen knit dress (though i more often wear over a pair of pants...)

polyester sleeveless dress
sleeveless dress

Dress for a friend's choral concert
Dress for a friend's choral concert

"All That Glitters" sleeveless knit top

short sleeved boatneck knit top [sold]

'fun with scraps' racerback tank from a poly knit leftover from hemming a rtw skirt for someone

St Patrick's Day cotton knit 3/4 sleeve top

Cotton rib0knit top (thrown together at the last minute...)
Thin cotton blouse (I swear it doesn't look this bad in person - it's vintage cloth: white with tiny purple flowers and just really doesn't photograph well...)

One of my early creations LOL omg no. just, no. haha.

more "fun with scraps" shirt


Nursing Cover

Nursing cover

one of my early attempts at corsetmaking
The "purple corset" which i later modified to get rid of the tabs

The "purple corset" which i later modified to get rid of the tabs and removed the buttons to put in proper lacing - the buttons/loops were kindof nice though and made getting in/out easy

another early corset

my "Dark Queen of Hearts" corset - wore it till it died
a shoe

random potholder
Frog Prince


attempting lace

making lace for my wedding gown

more wedding gown lace

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