Oops! Apparently I've accidentally deleted all of my images. I'll see about fixing that soon.

Gallery of Minis

Madrak Ironhide - the first model I ever painted
Paint it Pink competition entry


Calandra Truthsayer

Malifaux performer

I really want to make this dress!

Janissa Stonetide

Feora, Priestess of the Flame

Skaldi Bonehammer

Dartan Villmon

Dartan Villmon
Redeemer - i'm no good at 'jacks

Mulg the Ancient - my own sculpt

Mulg the Ancient

Caber Thrower - needs fixed, rebased, & finished

Caber Thrower - finished in the dark so it needs a redo
repainted the tartan

still needs a new base

I have several more but apparently never photographed them.  Will try to rectify that soon. Page last updated August 2012.

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