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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Minis of GenCon 2012: PP & CMON

I took a ton of pics of minis during this year's convention. I've tried to whittle those down to a reasonable number to share here.  This first batch are those I found in the Privateer Press and Cool Mini or Not cases.

Please let me know if any of these models are yours so I can put your name up with it!

the shading on this guy was beautiful
ETA: This model has been identified by its highly talented painter as Dark Young from Blackball Games painted by Jess Rich aka Brushmistress. You can also find her speedpainting entry (please please correct me if I have any of them mixed up!) over on my blog entry from the ACES charity event.

Various extreme sculpts of PP models (L->R: Carnivean, Warpwolf, Mauler)

Extremoth (Behemoth + Extreme Destroyer) 2nd place

Trollblood Fennblades

Trollblood Runeshapers


Grissel Bloodsong 2

Troll Axer

Fennblades again 'cause awesome tartan

Rok??, Cygnar Centurian

Rok? a kinda extreme sculpt if it is...

Rich Curtiss Khador Colossal Conquest "Niko" 1st Place in category

Khador Gun Carriage

Troll Axer and Impaler

Menoth Judicator painting in progress by PP studio painter Matt DiPietro


  1. Hi there! The top photo is the Dark Young from Blackball Games painted by me. :) My name is Jess Rich, though I also go by Brushmistress online. Thanks for the compliments on the shading!

    1. Thanks a bunch for letting me know! I've updated it so people will know it's yours. :) That really is a stunning piece; also your mini Mona Lisa is incredible.


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