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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dr Who (5th) Cosplay: Finishing up

It's hard to believe that GenCon is just a few days away. I'm super excited, but still busy getting everything in order so that our 'vacation' goes as smoothly as possible. I'm relieved that we can come home each night and sleep in our own bed as it's sure to be super exhausting.  Also, being so close to home, if I get freaked out by the crowds I can just come home and rest and go back later to pick my husband up when he is ready to come home.

So what is left to finish? Nothing big. All of the big stuff is done; it's all of the small stuff that I'm finding I want to do at the last minute plus all of the packing and prepwork (food, clothes, painting supplies) that I still have on my list. (I <3 lists.)

QR code to lead to my blog
Since so many people have QR code readers on their mobile devices these days I've stitched out a couple of QR codes to 'wear' that lead back here in case anyone at the Con is interested.

I'm also making new convention badge holders for myself and my husband.

And I made some buttons to go on the jacket.  The Mr. helped me paint them (he gave them a couple of coats of Screaming Skull as a base) and I stitched them to the jacket. Unfortunately I ran over one with the iron, so it's a little funky. 

Sculpey, wire, pencil/rolling pin, button negative
And what 5th Doctor costume would be complete without celery?! It's not the best celery in the world, but it will do.  Made from wire, silicone caulk, and paint, it's poseable and green and good enough for me.


And I finally added pockets to the jacket.  

cutting the hole for the pocket is always terrifying


And I've added a splash of color to the pockets as well.

Top to bottom: pattern, welt + bias tape, pocket welt

And I'm super excited that I got socks to go with the whole thing.  I found a place online called Sock Dreams that I absolutely adore.  I think I could be happy wearing most of the stuff from their store.  

The website was easy to use, the shipping was free, and the prices were reasonable.  I wasn't sure what I wanted so I got three pair: two over the knee (light pink in cotton and 'blueberry' in rayon) and one thigh-high (navy blue). (FYI to V's mom: they have super cute kids socks, too!)

super comfy and they make my legs actually look good
As an aside: I just bought that blue fabric from the clearance rack and I'm excited about making it into a dress this fall.

I was still worried about the skirt length until I saw pics of myself in it with the socks on and now I'm not worried at all.  (I'm hoping to have them up by Wednesday). Also, the pics have helped me decide to go with the "TARDIS blue" (blueberry) O Rayons for the convention. The pink look fine but the dark color really pops. You'll see.

onto which I painted tiny TARDISes (TARDISi? what is the plural?)

Hope your week starts out well!


  1. It would be just 'two TARDIS images'. The Doctor has the last one so there is no pural. Yeah that is a geek moment. Mind you it is 4.40 in the morning and I cannot sleep I may be aloud the odd moment. x

  2. Also not quite sure what a QR code is but it makes me think of a tiled Roman mosac, very cool.


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