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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Minis of GenCon 2012: GenCon Cases

Finally, here is the last batch of pics of minis from this year's convention. These are from the GenCon painting contests. Some are from speedpainting and some are just the general awesomeness contests. They were all pretty cool. Maybe I'll enter next year.... 

watching these painted was one of the high moments of the con for me
Aces XI Charity Speed Paint
Back L->R: Marketh (Skorne) by Angela Imrie, Widowmaker Leader (Khador) by Amy Stegman, Gorman Di Wulfe (Merc) by Matt DiPietro, Shepherd (Legion) by Jennifer Kaufman, Valeria Alvaro (IKRPG) by Zach Lanier

Front L->R: Journyeman Warcaster (Cygnar) by Derek Schubert, Lord of the Feast (Circle) by Jessica Rich, Arcanist (Retribution) by Sue Wachowski, Pistol Wraith (Cryx) by Marike Reimer, Exemplar Errant Officer (Menoth) by Noel Meyer

2nd Place painted by Kevin Martin - Super Dungeon Explore

2nd Place painted by Heather Heim - Cloaker Monster from Reaper RPG Minis

Judges Award painted by Chad Bussel - Ogre BBQ Grill

3rd Place painted by Lee Taylor - Super Dungeon Explore Paladin

1st Place Painted by Ryan Holmes- Cygnar Gunmage Captain

Space Marine vs Dune Worm

2nd Place painted by Jennifer Wojik - "Enchanted Melody"

Ashlynn D'Elyse

3rd Place painted by Andy Sipes - Jaalcuna Ubume

1st Place painted by Drew Olds - Contradition in Dirty Green

Super Dungeon Explore

on the right: 3rd Place painted by Drew Olds - Rex Blue Bruised and Bleeding

2nd Place painted by Julianne Harty - Sister Evangeline byAnima Tactics

4th Place painted by Joseph Canna - "Join the Sewer Patrol"

4th Place painted by Grenville Harrop III - German Officer Bust

on the left: 1st Place painted by Bojan Ramadanovic - Sunnover

3rd Place painted by Lieth Olson - "Checkmate"

much better pics of this over on Marike's website

Thanks for taking a look!
Again, if any of these models are yours and you'd like me to put your name on it just let me know!


  1. Does the water elemental look like an angry towel to anyone else or is that just me?...

  2. I think so too, if it is the third picture.
    The detail on Abigale ia amazing, her skirt the corset, wow.
    What does speed painting mean? Is there a set time limit ? and does the time limit change depending on the size of the piece ?


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