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Friday, August 17, 2012

GenCon 2012 Photodump 2

The first full day of gaming at GenCon was a blast. Super tired and sore from all of the walking so you're getting some lower quality photos and not the full set.  I took almost 200 photos today.  Missing from today's photodump are pics of all of the minis I gawked at and pics of GRiPT Games' scenarios "The Wall" and "The City." I'll come back and put captions on these at some point.

Serra Angel

Serra Angel

Darth Vader, Kilted Stormtrooper, Jedi

Gigantic Cignar Ironclad


Dice, dice, and MORE DICE!


PP new game: Level 7

painting minis

either speedpainting or a paint & take

moar mini painting!

panel I went to about women in gaming

balloon dragon in progress

the husband ruling the L5R draft, or having fun trying at least

Tuscan Raider and Rebel Pilot

Dr Who!


Buy All the Things!

Cardhalla is growing!

Cardhalla is growing!

Again, great day, really great. I hope yours was, too.

PS: If you are in my pics and want me to put your name up, take it down, or take the pic of you down for some reason, just let me know! 

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