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Sunday, August 19, 2012

GenCon 2012 Photodump 4

This con has been awesome.  And just because we are exhausted and calling it quits for this year doesn't mean the pictures will stop flowing just yet, after all I've taken way more than what I've already posted. lol

And now having had actual sleep I have enough energy to actually get captions on some of these! :P
Me and local kid (Youngblood Golden Demon) ended up in the same class

Marike Reimer taught us about sheer fabrics and freehanding

meeting up with some friends

Dealer room was full of people in fun costumry.

As were the halls...
wandering Dalek

two pint-sized Kalees


Mary Marvel poses with a fan

5th Doctors!

And then our friend Rich Curtiss won Grand Master in the Privateer Press painting competition.

Congratulating Rich on his victory, his models were 3 of the top 5

Vash the Stampede

Oh noes! It's a Dalek!

4 and 5 together! Hey he looks familiar...

getting in one last demo in the Dealer Room

It's a trap!

I'm going to try to get captions on the last several days of pics from the con in short order. I also have a tonne of minis pics to share as well as pics from the guys gaming shenanigans.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

PS: If you are in my pics and want me to put your name up, take it down, or take the pic of you down for some reason, just let me know!

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