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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dr Who (5th) Cosplay: Jacket Progress

I'm making good progress on my cosplay for GenCon, which is good, because at this point it's only about a month away! yays!  If you recall from before, this was the sketch I made when I was coming up with ideas for the feminized version of the 5th regeneration of The Doctor as portrayed by Peter Davidson.

 I figured it might shave some time off to start with a pattern.  I found this one in my big box o' patterns.  Butterick 6549 was something my mother said she made for herself once.  Upon opening up the pattern pieces they looked barely used.  And besides pinning them together and putting them on the dressform they didn't get any additional wear. 

nice idea, but not quite

 So, I went back to the set of slopers I made a few weeks back.  I slashed and wiggled the pattern around until the seams fell where I wanted them to.

what I started with

 And with that, I ended up with a set of paper pattern pieces.  Of course this was done with my traditional pattern paper: junkmail.

 I cut those pieces out of the muslin that I bought for this. In fact, nearly all of the fabrics for the jacket and skirt are out of different weights of muslin.  It saves on costs, yes, but it was also the only thing I could find that was the right color.

Also, I expect it will be hot, and this cotton should breathe well.

 After pinning it together & trying it on to check the fit, I made some slight changes.  I enlarged the armscye to make more room for the sweater, and I pulled the waist in a little bit tighter at the front.

And then I started the painstaking work on the lapels.  Ok, it actually was scarier to think about doing than it was to actually do.  I've added a roll line and pad stitching to both lapels to make sure that they roll properly.

It was actually a very relaxing activity and it really does help the fabric roll neatly along that line.  I got most of my instruction from Gertie's blog here.  The only difference was that I want a sharp line for most of the bottom half so I actually rolled some over my finger but a bit I actually folded back on itself to make the stitches. Also, my lapel, well the whole thing really, is on a much smaller scale, so I used a thin satin ribbon for the roll line.

In other news, my husband and I took another stab at him teaching me to play Warmachine/ Hordes the other day.  I get frustrated easily so it was necessary to pick a time when we were both feeling very patient. Last time we had started me on Menoth (Warmachine) about two years ago and there was a lot of yelling and throwing things by the end. (I'm a bad student...)  Thanks to the guys over at Lost Hemisphere for helping me want to give it another go! Since I listen to more stories about and am more interested in (and mostly paint) Trollbloods (Hordes) we gave that a shot. 

It was an exhausting experience for us both, but I think overall it went well and I'm ready to give our mini-game practice another shot.

Also, we got a wonderful belated wedding present from my mother.  My husband and I designed an image of two intertwined trees and used them on everything from the cake, to the stationary, to our Ketubah.  Here my mom used them as part of some lovely placemats in our wedding colors.
quilted with purple metallic thread

Lots more to come soon as I feel bad for not having been able to keep up with my blogging properly over the last couple of weeks.

Hope your week is going well!

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  1. Watching your costume develop is exciting, and those placements are gorgeous.


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