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Monday, July 9, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Last week I was given the One Lovely Blog Award by Vala of the blog Vala Sews, with whom I am always amazed that I have so much in common.

And I did a nice little writeup about it right away.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted all of the text from that post, and I lost every bit of it... /sigh Well, I've finally eked out enough time to give it another go, so here you are:

The general idea behind the award is that I'll now have to share 7 things about myself that you may not know and then pass the award along to one or more bloggers that I think are deserving.

First the hard part, sharing about myself without the hedge of sewing, minis, or cooking....

1) I love socks, especially knee socks.  If I had enough space and money, I would own hundreds and hundreds of pairs. I recently found this website and am hoping to get socks from here for my Dr Who costume.

2) I love to read. As much as I enjoy a book on CD (and I do!) there's nothing like paper in hand, letting your eyes drift across the words.  Some of my favorite authors are Sir Terry PratchettAlexandre Dumas, Douglas Adams, and Stephen Hawking. I prefer to always have some of both fiction and non-fiction going; I am perpetually reading more than one book at a time.  (Although I've found it's best not to read two by the same author at a time to avoid confusion.)

3) Most people know I am not one to ever want to watch chick-flicks, romance-centered movies aimed at women.  I usually prefer something with a solid plot and a few explosions.  But I love old movies, so they are exempted from my usual no-romance movies rule.  I love the Thin Man series with William Powell & Myrna Loy and, well, anything with Carey Grant in it (except maybe Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House omg boring).  Some of my other favorites are Kurosawa's Seven Samurai (best film *ever* in my book) and most of the Hitchcock movies (I still haven't seen them all), and Charlie Chaplin's silent film masterpiece The Kid.

4) I'm boring & I like it that way.  My husband is fond of saying the same.  You know that ancient curse, "may you live in interesting times?" Well, we're sure that it's true, and what we want most, most days, is a nice, boring, quiet life.  Slowly but surely we seem to be getting there.

5) I hate shopping (except for fabric), and I find myself thoroughly annoyed anytime someone suggests that I do and should love shopping just because I'm female.

6) I have six wonderful nieces and nephews.  <3

7) I love learning new languages, but never really feel comfortable communicating with any of them in person, even English.  After a lot of thought on this subject in the last few years I finally realized that what I like about it is figuring out the puzzle. I'm not very good with people, so the ability to connect with and communicate with more people has never really been as great an enticement as working out how a new-to-me language works.  I have to talk to people every day in my job, but there's usually a bit of structure to it, so I know what's coming & can be prepared ahead of time.  But I'm working on it, talking to people, in English and beyond.

And the second bit, choosing bloggers to receive the award. 

There are so many blogs I follow, some of them sewing, some of them not.  In fact there are many more in my blog feed than what I put on that list.  I have chosen three bloggers to receive this award, though I'm feeling a bit like a small child giving out crayon-drawn cards since they all have so much greater readership than my own little blog world here.

1) BoPeep at Willow Homestead
I love how she maintains that wonderfully put together head-to-toe 50's look and at the same time isn't afraid to throw on her wellies and get her hands dirty as she and her family strive for "a life of vintage simplicity." She has the cutest aprons, skirts, and sweaters, but I admit I am also totally taken in by the sheep.

I don't knit nearly as often as some, but she keeps me constantly inspired with a constant supply of vintage knitting patterns and photos.  Also, In my still-as-of-yet-uncompleted quest to make the perfect shirtwaist dress I've found that I'm totally in love with her wardrobe.

3) Cenetta at The Mahogany Stylist
This wonderful blogger feeds my more modern needs in sewing and styling. Where after all these years I still find myself terrified of patterned fabrics (often opting for solids), she really knows how to pair a pattern and a patterned fabric together for a really striking look.  She shows pattern alteration and sewing tips as well as some beautiful finished projects.

Please pop over to their blogs and check out what fun they have going on there.

I've been making good progress on my Dr Who costume & should have a blog post ready as soon as I can get some photos of the skirt.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Aww thank you for my award!
    (and I totally understand your obsession for knee-socks)

  2. Holy Smokes! Thank you! You had me at "Dr Who costume (I am so missing David Tennant...)." And I tried to read A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME when I was in high school without much luck. Not something I could drift off to sleep with. I reach for Dickens instead. Thanks again from you newest follower. :)


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