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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vilmon Finished

You may (or may not) remember that awhile back I had started work painting a new miniature, High Paladin Dartan Vilmon.  I had high hopes of finishing it in time for Lost Hemisphere's Paint the Target... but that was for... January i think...? lol oh well. Life gets busy sometimes and other priorities took precedence.

Super excited to have him finished though. My freehanding still needs quite a bit of work, but it's a good start.  

I'm also not terribly happy with the shading on the green; turns out several of our paint colors need replaced... grainy chunks are bad. :P

The jewels turned out understated but ok and the hat is meh but i couldn't decide on a better color choice.

The thing i really like, though, is the metal.  I've been trying a few new things and listening and watching to other painters (we have a few really talented painters in our group of gaming friends). With that, this is the first time that I really like how my metals turned out. :)

I already have plans in the works for this month's Paint the Target entry - it's a warjack - and i'm pretty happy with the start i have on it.  I haven't ever completed a jack and have always found their lack of... well... cloth, intimidating. Cloth i know; i sew. Big flat-ish chunks of metal, though? Not so much.  It's good to have a challenge & I'm looking forward to it.

Hope your week is going well!

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