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Friday, March 16, 2012

Painting the Redeemer Part I

In addition to a whole mound of sewing lately I've been working on several fun geekery projects. The first I'll share to day, the second (superexcitingspiffiness) i'll share with you next week.

 Last year one of the models my husband won was this fun Menoth Warjack.

He's called The Redeemer and he's got rockets and a big hitty-stick.  Unfortunately, his body is not his own... somehow before we got him they got separated. So he has the body of a Revenger but the arms and head of a Redeemer. lol I like that dichotomy.

primed & ready for paint

Since his head and body were never meant to go together, I had to sculpt him a new neck.  I also decided he needed a more dynamic & menacing pose.


I could have sworn I got some pics before I started adding the metalics in but it's been a long exhausting week, so I probably just dreamed it... Anyhoo... I've blocked in the black and red and got a start on the gold/brass bits.  All of the parts on him that are still primer gray will either be silver or steel.

In case I'd forgotten to mention (I did!) this is for this  month's Lost Hemisphere Paint the Target challenge.  The criteria this month was to paint something with either spray or aoe (area of effect) which this jack has. 

Since I've been wanting to paint a jack for a while now, and this particular one has been sitting on the shelf staring at me in pieces, begging to be put together for months, it only seemed right.  Bonus: I could actually win something for this one! for my husband to use since I'm not very good at the actual gaming bit...

 I'd also hoped to share with you a new skirt for St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow), but alas, I've had no time to sew it up. 

I got this fabulous sari brocade a few weeks ago at Hancock when it went on clearance. I had to have it.  Since I haven't had time to work with it yet, I've enjoyed seeing it draped on my dressform in the interim.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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  1. The model is cool and your fabric is gorgeous. Can not wait to see what you do with it.


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