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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Balancing My Interests

I was hoping that this past week I would be able to share with you some more fun things from my geekier side.  I have some fun things in miniatures I am really excited about.  Unfortunately, things got really really really busy so I didn't get any time to share. :( boo

maybe this cute hedgie can do my typing for me?

I love sewing. I love designing and drafting new clothes.  I love finding new textiles. I love stitching things together and ending up with something fun and wearable. I've had the opportunity to wear my new plaid dress three times now and I am still really really happy with it.

That said, I have a major sewing project to do for someone that is taking up a big chunk of my sewing time & space.  I have a wedding dress alteration project waiting after that. And when that is done I have a fun menswear project that is waiting in the wings.  The pretty green sari fabric is still waiting for me and I have a growing list of things I really want to make for me and my husband.  Then, I have gifts that need to be made for nieces and nephews this summer, too.  I'm feeling a little over-loaded in the sewing department these days.

I also love painting miniatures.  I like the fun organic shapes and rich backstories of the Trollkin, the often broad canvasses of the cloaks and the insane fervor of Menoth, and the challenge of the metallics on the armor for both.  But I felt so rushed on the last model I painted that I totally bombed it.  Worst thing I've ever painted. I feel pretty crappy about it.  And with all of the sewing I'm having a hard time making time to get better instead of just faster.

it only starts to look worse after this...

I have a project that I've been wanting to share.  If you want you can check out the page over at Lost Hemisphere and try to figure out for yourself what kind of insanity I've gotten myself into. I'm pretty stoked about it even if I am superexhaustedtired from staying up till 12:30 every night last week getting the initial parts of it done.  And now that I've tried one new thing in this area i see all kinds of things I want to do with my newfound interest and am frustrated that I don't have time to do it all nowNowToday!!


Let's not forget how much I like to cook, bake, garden, and play with tools.  I got outside for just long enough this week to get a few pots prepped and seeded, a plant transferred to a new hanging container, our tiny garden cleaned out a little bit, and a few new seeds laid in the one remaining bare patch.  Tonight, with a banana that would not have lasted for anything otherwise, I made some muffins.  Banana muffins with mini chocolate chips. Nothing fancy, just the regular recipe from the old Better Homes & Gardens adapted for gluten free flour. 

So I'm learning once again to say "no."  It's one thing to learn to say no to other people, but saying no to oneself can be much harder.  I want to do hundreds of projects. I have thousands of ideas. For right now I just have to tell myself, "no." Some are easy to say no to; we don't have the monetary or space resources to accommodate some fun ideas.  Others seem practical and the only missing variables are time and energy; these are harder to weed through.  If only I had a T.A.R.D.I.S....

As much as blogging about these interests has started to become intertwined into those interests themselves, it's still a separate time eating hobby.  So, I am going to still going to try to share things here on le interwebz but it will likely be much less often than before... at least till things settle down anyway.  I'm expecting in a month or so to be back up to blogging speed, but until then I've got other priorities that need my attention.  Time with my husband, obligations with extended family, an upcoming holiday for which i still have a lot to finish writing, desperately needed time with friends, these all vie for my time right now right alongside the sewing and geekery and cooking etc etc etc. 

I'm excited that so much is going on. I only wish there were more hours in a day to be able to do more and share it all with you and more hours in a night so that I had more time to sleep and thus more energy to get it all done. :)

I'll be around.

Have a great week.

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