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Friday, May 31, 2013

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To say that the last month has been busy, to say it has been physically exhausting would be a gross understatement. But it has also been one of the most wonderful months in a long time.

After we closed on the house there was a lot of work to do, but the hard work has been really really good. And though my body is ready for a little rest so it can heal up from the constant barrage of bruises, scrapes, pokes, and overexertions of the last few weeks, the rest of me is still so excited about all of the projects that will need to be done around here that I'm feeling quite happy.

It has been a challenge, reigning myself in, reminding myself that I literally have years to get some of the projects I want done, done.  But I've managed to eke out a little time to put a few plants in the ground, even if it is just in a flower bed.

This plant is much bigger now and covered with blooms

And my wonderful husband has helped me out by getting some seeds started indoors.

Parsley & Spearmint which will hopefully sprout in about a week

I've not been neglecting the sewing machine, which now has a room of its own (well, it shares with the minis, but they get along well). I've already made a start toward putting up some curtains.

A splash of color for the bathroom...

...and some very long curtains for the office.

And in between heavy lifting, mowing, and unpacking (not to mention working at my job which is now much farther away), I've been making little things for the house.
part of my not-quite-completed CAD drawing

The dishrack is much less impressive than the door that we hung, but it's functional.

And when I need a break I can go sit outside on *our* porch with a nice cup of tea and listen to the wildlife tweet and twitter and chirrup and buzz and watch the people go by, and I feel happy and relaxed almost immediately.
gratuitous squirrel pic
I have several sewing projects going (ok, it's mostly more curtains, but also some other exciting things) and I'm itching to get the minis and paints out of their respective boxes soon.  And so, with the bulk of the moving and settling in out of the way I'll slowly be easing my way back into the blogging with one a week for a while. 

Hope your spring is treating you well.

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