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Friday, April 26, 2013

Secret Project 2013

For most of you this will be a surprise. We've been trying to keep the lid on it just in case things didn't work out, and as such didn't tell everyone.

The posts here on Smoldering Wick Designs have been few and far-between since January, but there has been a good reason.  All of my energy has been going toward one thing...

...we bought a house!

Many many many things went wrong during the process and by the end I just didn't have the energy to put anything creative together be it painting or sewing. But with the hard part (paperwork) behind us the real work can begin.

I'm starting to think all of
our boxes say 'books'

Now that we've had our first meal in our new home we are settling in to get some work done and get settled somewhere permanently, a nice quiet neighborhood, in a nice little town, in a pretty little house to call our own. 

Happy spring!


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