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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Getting Curtains Started

It's been another busy week here at the house with lots of work to be done and jobs besides. 

We bought fabric for curtains a couple of weeks ago when it was convenient for my husband to meet me at the fabric store I work at to pick something out.  We ended up with:
  • plain, white broadcloth for sheers
  • purple & white chevron fabric for the bathroom (see previous post)
  • green/blue/etc fabric for the office (see previous post)
  • blackout fabric for the bedroom
  • fabric for the bedroom curtains (which you will have to wait to see)
  • and this for the main rooms:

We don't have a color scheme for the living & dining rooms yet, so we decided on something with a variety of colors in it that could blend well with whatever we pick and worked well with the paint colors we are using.

Of course, the fabric has been sitting in the bags for weeks, though, while we do things like...

yes, the neighbor's house really is that close

...clean out the gutters. ew.  I'm super grateful to my husband for doing most of the dirty work on that one.

In the meantime, we haven't been living in a fishbowl thanks to my mother-in-law who provided us with her old 'temporary curtains.'

Living room and dining room, respectively, with temporary curtains

These are the windows in the living room and dining room, the main area of the house.  The house has a variety of window sizes, which has made the math for figuring cloth for curtains... interesting. But I think in the end it will be fine.

As time and energy have permitted I've worked on them a little at a time.  Here I've finished the sheer for the dining room, and then added in half of the curtains.  When it's all done I'll take better pictures to show you.

New sheers need pressing, half of curtains finished
I made the sheers tabbed at the top because we tend to open the windows at the top on warm days and I wanted to make sure the breeze could still come through unobstructed. I still need to figure out tie-backs for those days when I might want to pull the sheers aside, but for now I'm happy with how they're turning out.

Guess that's all for now. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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