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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yoke Flip

Last time I promised I'd show you how I did the yoke on my latest blouse.  I don't remember where I learned this but I'd hazard a guess it was probably Gertie.  Anyhow, it's invaluable and has saved me countless hours and much cursing.

How to attach a 2-piece yoke to both the back and the front without any topstitching or hand-sewing:

Sandwich the back between the two yoke pieces so that the right sides are facing in. Stitch as usual (I serged here but that isn't necessary.)

Press. Press open.


Roll the back of the shirt up from the bottom.

Flap one piece of the yoke over the roll...

...and pull it underneath so that the right sides of the yoke are facing each other again.

Then roll up the front from the bottom just like you did the back.  This goes in between your yoke 'sandwich.'  In fact this is the only really tricky part as you'll need to make sure the front of the shirt is facing the right way with respect to the back of the shirt so you don't end up with the inside showing on the front and the outside on the back. 

Pin your front/shoulder yoke sandwich together and stitch it. (Again, I serged mine but it's not necessary as the seam will be enclosed.  If your fabric is thick, though, you still may wish to grade your seam allowances.)

Having stitched and pressed the front (or shoulder) seams you have this nice sandwich with two rolls inside.

Gently begin pulling the rolls out through the side.

Oh gods! What have I done?!
Don't panic.
It will look a mess for a few minutes, but keep pulling till it's all right-side out.

In the end you should have a yoke that has the right side of fabric on both sides and seams that are neatly tucked inside without much hassle at all.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Have a great week!

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