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Monday, February 4, 2013

Solitary Hobbies

It's funny how some people are always drawn to crowds and some are not.  It's funny because I've found yet another hobby, another solitary hobby. 

I've been sewing (finished another shirt in a more photo-friendly color which I hope to post soon), and having fun minis-related activities, and now, additionally, I've been taking and editing short videos. 

We don't have a video camera but our camera takes decent video and I found some free editing software online that isn't too bad when it isn't crashing continuously for no reason.  But it seems to be enough. I can't help it; I've already found myself drawn in to the fun of it.

I think it's the same reason I like doing things like this blog - all of my hobbies are so solitary that I need somewhere to connect with people (without actually having to be around a big group of people which freaks me out). 

I guess I just said all that to say this: 

Hey, I'm doing stuff!


I appreciate you.

Have a great Monday!

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