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Friday, May 18, 2012

Making Mulg: Part III

With the final photos of my sculpture of Mulg and a writeup about how I did it and why I thought I deserved to win submitted to Captain Spud over at Lost Hemisphere, it was a very very long week of waiting to find out the results of the contest.  The results were posted via a post that held the judging and results in audio form (no really, feel free to head over and hear them rip us all to shreds. some salty language included.) and a link to everyone's completed projects.

Sad to say, I did not win.

Apparently no one like's Mulg's face:

  • my husband says it looks like a shark face
  • a friend of ours says the tusks are too big
  • and the guys over at LH were so put off by the eyes that I think I may have lost any fake respect I might have imagined I had from them.

I, on the other hand, didn't like the original Mulg's face, so you guys can all just stuff it. ^_^

And his base was seen less as a grassy bluff and more as some fuzzy chunk of leftovers from the back of the fridge...

/le sigh

They did like the runes, at least.

I used a mix of P3 and Citadel paints for Mulg

My husband's whelps did not win either, but this he knew.  It turns out sculpting is not his forte; it is not his pianissimo either. In fact it has been suggested that I shouldn't let him touch the sculpey ever again. It was rather disheartening to see his early excitement over the project turn into frustration, anger, and self-loathing as he attempted to create. I am very proud of him for finishing and painting and basing the guys he did finish.

(As a side note here, they LH guys complained that he hadn't based his models. But we're out of small bases at present and more aren't in the budget anytime soon. So he made do with several layers of correctly-sized cardboard onto which he attached his models and basing materials.)

All whining aside, the blokes over at Lost Hemisphere were very kind to us in the end, gifting each of us with participation prizes and my husband with a 'special' prize.  

From Spud:
For those who don't want to listen to an hour of rambling to get to the winners, here's how everything stacked up in the end:
  • Winner: Fish (Vessel of Jackment)
  • Gday's Choice: Mrs. Goldstep (Mulg)
  • Spud's Choice: 2Sub (Ice tray)
  • Northblade's Choice: Yaum (Gallant)
  • Wooden Spoon Award: Goldstep (Whelps)
While I seriously considered getting something from one of the other factions to paint just for funzies, I really like the idea of adding to my husbands firepower on the gaming table. So, I've asked for the Troll heavy warbeast kit that my husband says makes either:

The Blitzer

The Bomber

or The Mauler

or if we can figure out the wonder of magnetization, possibly all three. lol

And as a consolation prize just from me to him, I'm making a few of his whelps as he described them to me originally.  I'm mostly through making the whelp for Captain Gunnbjorn, and though he says it's not exactly what he imagined (I'm still not very good at this, after all) he says it really does look like he's wearing both Gunny's hat and a Baby Bjorn.

Here's to better days of painting and sculpting in the future. 

Happy Friday!

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