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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspiring myself while I sew

When I sew I like to listen to or watch something.  Sometimes it's the news (BBC & NPR podcasts are my usual), sometimes a book (I've just finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods), but often it's a show or movie. 

It may seem odd that I would have something visual on while I'm doing a task that requires (for me) that I use my eyes constantly, but it works for me.  Sometimes I put in a disk or pull up a show that I've seen lots before so that I'm actually listening to it more than watching it; sometimes I intentionally put on something I need to be more visually aware of. I find the latter is nice for keeping eye strain from setting in.

A couple of days ago I watched Pygmalion for the first time. Sure, I've seen My Fair Lady a good number of times and even have the soundtrack on vinyl but this is the first time I'd seen the 'original.'

I was really taken by the coat Elisa wears at the close of the film.

screen capture from Pygmalion on Hulu

I like how the collar doesn't have the traditional collar roll at the back of the neck (which I always hate with my short-ish neck) but still manages to have all the gusto of a collar & lapel.

screen capture from Pygmalion on Hulu

I've been wanting to make myself a new coat for a while; maybe this fall I'll have the time & money to do so. I think keeping the stylings of this coat in mind would be a good starting place for me.

The other thing I've been watching while I sew lately is a Korean show called Fashion King.  It's a bit of a challenge to watch while I sew because I have to read most of the subtitles, and it's a bit overly dramatic than my usual taste, but I like it.

I like it like a run-on sentence

While the styles are not all that inspiring for me, like watching (realistically only the first few seasons of) Project Runway, there's something about seeing sewing or fashion-creativity on the screen, even if just pretended, that keeps my sewing juices flowing.

the heroine: so talented her fellow seamstresses ooh and ahh over her work...

Well, back to the sewing machine for me. With several projects wrapping up soon, I'm hoping to get back to the regular thrice a week blog posting very shortly.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. I have had American Gods recommended to me a few times. What did you think of it?

  2. It was interesting, but not my cup of tea. It was very raw/ vile in places. Also, I think I would have enjoyed it more had I paid more attention in school when we had to learn all of the Greek/ Norse/ Indian/ etc gods; I think some of the references would have been more poignant. The premise behind it reminded me a little of Terry Pratchett's book Small Gods (which is one of my favorites) but on a very different level.

    I have read (ok, listened to) several of Neil Gaiman's other books and enjoyed them. I especially liked Stardust and found Neverwhere kind of interesting. I try to find the books where he is the one reading them as I *love* the cadence of his speech; besides, there's something so natural about an author reading out their own works.

  3. I am only half way through Terry Pratchett book 3 but that was some years ago before my son stole it so I have to start again. However I am very big on Greek ancient and classical and this year I start another module on my Classical studies degree with Open University. Myth in the Greek and Roman world. I was unable to go to college and uni when I was younger so I am doing it now at the age of 45, only 2 more modules to go.


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