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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wait, what?

You heard me: Mullet... Hem. 

this dress says... 
"hi, i'm wearing a poorly fitted potato sack
with an uneven & unflattering hemline"

And hammer pants.

no, Hammer's pants were way cooler than this horribleness

Vogue has really been outdoing itself the last couple of seasons of new pattern releases. This season is no exception.  

Since I lack the time and energy to rail on the hideousness that they are foisting upon the sewing world, and, more importantly, because Lladybird has already said it better, please step over to her blog and bask in the horrid stylings, odd fabric pairings, and just plain strange patterns that are the latest Vogue masterpieces.


Here's to another busy week. Hope yours is going well.

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