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Monday, February 20, 2012

S7236 Pattern and Muslin

This year I am working hard to sew through my stash of fabrics in order to drastically reduce the volume of fabrics we have around the apartment.  The first big project I found to do for myself towards these ends is Simplicity 7236.


The pattern had been my mother's so before I got started I emailed her to ask if she remembered making it.

Here's what she had to say:

"Yes, dress and jacket made from white ribbed cotton material for an Easter outfit. It was a bear because the fabric had absolutely no give or stretch whatsoever and the front darts and the collar on the jacket would not lay right. Nice fabric for something else. I don’t think I wore the outfit more than 2-3 times. Never used the pattern again because it didn’t work well for someone with boobs."

I hadn't planned to make the jacket, but her thoughts on the fit were helpful.  I knew just pinning the paper pattern to my dressform I would have to make some changes if this is going to be flattering to me at all.

I measured the paper pattern and made some adjustments for size as I transferred the lines to muslin.  I pinned it together and tried it on. Or at least I *tried* to try it on.  Wow, my mom had tiny hips.  And she was very right about the shaping; the dart placement wasn't especially flattering.

Fortunately, I had this idea nearly immediately of how to solve the problem: a bias strip down the side.  I have another pattern (I'll have to pull out and rifle through the box again to get the number) that is for a shirtdress that has a bias strip under the arm. I've always wanted to try it.  Until I do, I've at least taken the inspiration from it.

new bias strip added to the side

The dress calls for a back zipper, but the muslin doesn't have to waste material on that when it's much easier to pin myself into it from the side.  And since the back needed quite a bit of tweaking I was able to take out some of the fullness along the center back line and shape the back more to my body.

looks better on me than the dressform

I cut the muslin much shorter than I would the dress as the skirt is very straight.  To alleviate the inevitable strain I am considering adding in a bit of a kick pleat to the back using the instructions from this skirt pattern I have not yet had time to make.

Simplicity 9823
It looks fairly straightforward to add something like this in, and easy enough to cut it out if I don't like how it works/ looks.

Next time I'll be cutting out the lining fabric and re-checking the fit, just to be sure.

Hope your week has started out nicely!

PS: A big congrats to my husband for winning the 1st place coin in the Steamroller Invitational this weekend!  Yay for Grissel and Doomie!


  1. Looking forward to seeing seeing your new dress and congratulations to 'hubby' on his first place. My son is very excited about the new Necrons (or rather newcrons, as he calls them) he just bought the codex and now saving until the models are released.

  2. He's pretty darn excited about winning a first place coin. He plays Warmachine/ Hordes (PP) these days (among other things) but used to play 40K back when he was in college (Tau and Imperial Guard) and really enjoyed it. GW just opened a new store near us so that is neat and our usual game store has a fairly good size 40K crowd.


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