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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PJ Pants

So, recently my husband was wearing his favorite PJ pants sitting at the computer when I asked him a question and he turned around and rrriiiiipppp! a giant hole in the fabric next to the center front seam. :(

oh noes!

So the next couple of days at work I kept my eyes out for a suitable replacement fabric and found this beautiful flannel in the clearance section.

I used his current sleep pants as a pattern (as opposed to the boxer pattern from before) as he asked if i could make them just like his old ones. I did eliminate the flap in the front because I had limited time to finish the project, but he said he was fine with that.

I love doing pj pants because they have so few pieces to put together :D

His old PJ pants had a nice elastic waistband but the elastic was on the outside.  How odd!  He says this is very comfortable because it makes the inside of the waistband very soft.

I didn't have the same sort of elastic on hand, so I just used the regular elastic i had and hoped for the best.  To my eye it looks a little odd with that stripe of white at the top, but he seems happy with the feel of it and that is all that matters. After all, they're PJs. 

As a bonus, I had enough scraps to put a patch in his old PJ pants to cover the rip and reinforce the area.  So at least for now he won't have to part with them. 

Hope your week is going well!

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