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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Luna Scarves

A short post today due to the fact that I completely forgot to take pictures (/sigh...  really??!) of the scarves I made for my mother and stepmother-in-law for the holidays.

As usual I started with one pattern and then tweaked it a bit.  The pattern I used was the Luna Lovegood (a Harry Potter character for those of you not in the know) scarf pattern developed and graciously shared for free by pinkleo on crafster.

I really did try to make the pattern up as per the instructions at first.  I made up a small sample block to determine how wide the scarves would be and how many repeats I would need to get the length I wanted.

But when I looked at it I decided I wanted to make little changes here and there.  My mother had mentioned a month or so before that she wanted "a lacy open scarf, something pretty."  I made hers a little wider than the original pattern and tried to make more of the fan shapes than then bars in between.  

For the other I wanted something a bit more chic.  I kept the bars in to keep the open, lacy feel (though admittedly my yarn didn't really show the pattern off as well as I would have liked), but shortened the length.  From what I've been reading/ seeing online the last few months the shorter "French*" style scarves are in right now.

I managed to find one shot of my mom wearing hers where you could see something... anything...

but I've found if you google the scarf you instantly find a ton of pics, so have at it if you are interested. :)

I do want to briefly mention that Smoldering Wick Designs has reached it's first 1000 pageviews this week. A big Thank You to all of those who pop over to look at my posts every week as well as those of you newcomers who happen by from somewhere else on the interwebz. Knowing that someone is out there looking (and maybe even reading??!) what I post helps keep me motivated to post regularly and sew faster to keep up with the posting. ^_^

Hope your week is going well!

*I have no idea if the shorter scarf styles actually come from France, but that is how I have seen them listed various places online. I am no scarf expert. :P

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