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Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm a Winner! (and some other stuff)

A while back I entered a giveaway on Patricia's Blog Cottonmouth.  She's a writer who I met through some friends and keeps le interwebz informed about her writing through her blog. So anyway, she was giving away this neat book that contained some of her stuff, so I entered the drawing, and I WON! Seriously, I was completely shocked. I am one of those 'I never win anything' people.

Today the mailman knocked on my door and brought me this lovely package!

As soon as I got it open I sat here in my pj pants and hunted down Patricia's stories.  Yes, yes, I'm in my pj pants. The windchill here today is 3°and I left my snowy cold pants at the door in favor of my still-dry pjs. I prefer reading in comfort, anyhow. :P

The book is laid out with one story per day.  I read a few in and then, rebel that I am, skipped back to November to read Patricia's. So far all of the ones that I have read have been very amusing.

If you want your own copy you can get it here!

I thought Patricia's monkey deserved a monkey of my own lol

In sewing news, there isn't much. I still have a couple of holiday gifts to show you including another couple pair of slippers. 

And I've been working on a little sewing for myself on the side.  I'm also working on having a possible guest post/ collaboration with my mother soon.  But for the rest you'll have to wait for next week.  :)

In other news, now that the holidays are over I'm painting minis again.  Lost Hemisphere's Paint the Target for January is for something with a magic ability, attack or weapon so immediately my husband suggested I do Dartan Vilmon since I had been eyeballing his cape for a while.

Before I paint a model I like to get a sense of who they are, what their background is, etc. My husband is a great resource for this because, besides all of the books lying around with all sorts of fun info, he himself is this great repository of knowledge on so many of these guys. The tale he told me, the background that I read, all tell the tale of a good guy fighting for what he believes to be right.  I like this guy.  I definitely want to paint him even more now.

Vilmon was one of those models that we dipped late last year and prepped for repainting. He could probably use a touchup on the spray primer since I took a file to some of the few remaining seams, but I decided to just charge ahead and start painting.

As usual, I picked my light source position & photographed him heavily so I would know where my shades and highlights needed to be. So far I'm still working on getting his black/white/gray undercoating on, but I see good possibilities for him in the future.  His sword is unique and the sculpt on his armor has plenty of detail already that just needs to be played up a bit. 

Any chance mine will look this awesome? Idk but a girl can try...

But of course what I'm really excited about is doing something really fun with the cape.  I could probably do a border-print sort of thing like I did for Feora but I might just want to go farther.... guess you'll just have to wait to see!!

Hope you're staying warm (or cool!) and Happy Friday!

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